How a New York Construction Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Sustaining an injury on a New York construction site can be devastating. Worksite accidents often result in life-changing trauma such as amputations, spinal cord damage, brain injuries, and burn disfigurement. Having an experienced New York construction accident lawyer on your side levels the playing field when seeking rightful compensation from negligent parties.

This guide covers key aspects of construction injury claims, proving liability, finding the best attorney for your case, understanding settlement values, and ultimately getting the maximum recovery you deserve after such a catastrophic event. With top-notch legal counsel, justice can be obtained.

Why Hire a New York Construction Accident Lawyer?

Some key benefits of working with a qualified construction accident attorney include:

  • Lawyers have deep understanding of building codes and OSHA regulations
  • Immediate investigation preserves evidence before it is lost
  • Legal team can recreate accident conditions and find safety violations
  • Past medical records are obtained to dispute pre-existing conditions
  • Loss of future income and benefits is calculated
  • Experts are retained to prove negligence occurred
  • Settlement negotiations become easier with attorney representation
  • A lawyer takes the case to trial if fair offers aren’t provided

Don’t let insurance carriers take advantage of you. An attorney levels the playing field.

Finding the Best Construction Accident Lawyer for Your Case

Not all personal injury law firms are equal when it comes to construction site accidents. Seek out a New York attorney with these credentials:

  • Extensive track record with construction negligence cases specifically
  • Past results recovering large verdicts and settlements for clients
  • High ratings from peers and professional organizations
  • Willingness to take cases to trial instead of settling
  • uses cutting-edge litigation technology and accident recreation
  • Offers free consultations and contingency fee arrangements
  • Compassionate bedside manner combined with tough negotiation skills

Choose a lawyer who makes you confident they will maximize your injury compensation.

Gathering Evidence After a Construction Accident

Your lawyer works swiftly to collect vital evidence for proving liability, including:

  • Police reports and inspector records from the scene
  • Photos/video of unsafe site conditions
  • Building plans, permits, inspection approvals
  • Contractor project safety protocols and records
  • Company policies and training procedures
  • Equipment inspection, service and user manuals
  • Medical reports fully documenting injuries

Compelling evidence leads to the strongest injury claim possible. An attorney preserves all pertinent details.

Steps in a New York Construction Accident Lawsuit

Your lawyer guides you through every phase of the legal process:

  • Investigation of accident circumstances and liable parties
  • Filing personal injury and workers comp claims
  • Organizing medical evidence from doctors supporting disability
  • Retaining construction experts and professionals
  • Calculating full past and future accident damages
  • Settlement negotiations with insurers and contractors
  • Taking depositions from witnesses and company managers
  • Mediation and pre-trial settlement conferences
  • Trial litigation if fair resolution isn’t achieved

With an experienced construction accident attorney, each step leads you closer to justice.

Is Settlement Guaranteed?

Unfortunately, no. Even with strong evidence and a documented injury claim, some cases necessitate filing a lawsuit and going to trial when the at-fault parties or insurers refuse to make reasonable settlement offers. Factors influencing settlement versus trial include:

  • Disagreements over long-term effects of injuries
  • Level of defendant willingness to accept fault
  • Applicable insurance coverage available
  • Construction company’s financial resources
  • Poor communication and negotiation breakdowns

If fair compensation can’t be obtained through settlement, your lawyer takes the case to court.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does hiring a construction accident attorney cost upfront in New York?

A: Most lawyers work on contingency, charging no fees until you receive a settlement. Initial consultations are typically free. Fees are usually 30-40% of the total settlement amount.

Q: How soon after my construction injury should I hire a lawyer?

A: Immediately retain counsel so they can begin investigating and preserving evidence before it disappears. Early legal involvement maximizes your advantage.

Q: Can I still recover damages if I was partially at fault?

A: Yes, New York follows pure comparative negligence rules, allowing recovery reduced by your percentage of fault. An attorney strengthens your position.

Q: What if I can’t identify who caused the accident?

A: Your lawyer conducts a full investigation to identify liable parties. Witnesses, subcontractors, suppliers, safety logs and employment records help place liability.

Q: How long do construction accident cases take in New York?

A: Typically 1-3 years depending on factors like case complexity, need for experts, extent of injury treatment, and whether the case proceeds to trial. Most settle beforehand.

In The End

A construction site accident can instantly devastate your life. Fight back by hiring an experienced New York construction injury attorney to obtain fair compensation and hold negligent parties accountable. An accomplished lawyer levels the playing field and aggressively protects your rights through every phase of the claims process. With a powerful attorney guiding your case, maximum recovery for your losses remains obtainable.

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