How to Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can result in catastrophic injuries with lifelong impacts. Having an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer by your side levels the playing field and gets you maximum compensation from insurance companies. But not every attorney has the right skills and track record fighting for bikers’ rights after a crash. This guide covers how to find and choose the best lawyer for your unique accident case.

Qualities of a Great Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A top-notch lawyer for your motorcycle injury case should have these attributes:

  • Extensive experience specifically handling motorcycle crashes
  • Successful track record litigating these cases and getting large verdicts
  • Strong relationships with medical experts to build injury claims
  • Aggressively investigates accident scenes, police reports and evidence
  • Willing to take cases to trial instead of taking low settlements
  • Keeps clients regularly updated throughout the legal process
  • Compassionate bedside manner but tough litigator in the courtroom

Go with a lawyer who makes you feel confident they will fight to maximize your rightful compensation after an accident.

Checking Credentials of Motorcycle Attorneys

Don’t just take a lawyer’s word on their motorcycle accident experience. Vet them thoroughly via:

  • State bar association – Confirm they are licensed in good standing and no disciplinary issues.
  • Client reviews – Look for consistent positive feedback on resolving biker cases satisfactorily.
  • Case results – Ask for examples of past verdicts and settlements obtained in similar motorcycle injury cases.
  • Specializations – Seek lawyers focused specifically on motorcycle accidents as a core practice area.

Lawyers invested in the biker community and culture tend to take these cases more personally.

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Interview lawyers before choosing one. Key questions to ask:

  • How many motorcycle injury cases have you litigated, and what were the results?
  • What will be your strategy for building my case and maximizing compensation?
  • Will you handle my case directly or pass it to an associate?
  • How regularly will you provide case updates and take my calls?
  • Are you willing to go to court if needed or will you push me to settle?
  • What is your level of experience with traumatic brain injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes?

Choose the lawyer who gives confident, detailed answers and is clearly passionate about bike accident cases.

Warning Signs of a Bad Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Avoid motorcycle lawyers who display these negative traits:

  • Overpromise on settlement amounts and case outcomes
  • Push you to settle quickly for fast money
  • Lack sufficient references or examples of past motorcycle case results
  • Seem disorganized and hard to reach
  • Try to refer you to doctors before your medical needs are addressed
  • Have little trial experience and are afraid to litigate aggressively

Your attorney should have a steady, proven track record fighting for fair compensation in motorcycle injury claims.

How Contingency Fees Work with Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Most motorcycle accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means:

  • Attorney only collects fee if they win your case
  • Lawyer covers all upfront case costs
  • Standard fee is 33% of final settlement amount
  • Lawyer is motivated to maximize settlement to increase their fee

There is zero payment due from you unless you receive an injury award. Contingency fee arrangements align the lawyer’s interests with yours.

Documents Needed for a Motorcycle Injury Lawsuit

Your lawyer needs certain evidence to build the strongest case possible after a motorcycle crash. Be prepared to provide:

  • Accident report filed by police
  • Medical records and bills related to crash injuries
  • Income records and evidence of lost wages
  • Insurance documentation
  • Crash scene photos
  • Eyewitness names and contact information
  • Police dashcam or traffic video if applicable

Provide your attorney with as much documentation as possible from the outset. This aids in swift case preparation.

Don’t Delay Consulting a Lawyer After a Motorcycle Crash

It’s critical to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer immediately after an injury crash, before:

  • Speaking extensively with insurance adjusters
  • Settling with an initial lowball offer
  • Evidence is lost or memories fade

Inform the lawyer of time-sensitive evidence like roadway markings, debris and damaged property to be photographed. Early attorney consultation maximizes your legal rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do motorcycle accident lawyers typically cost?

A: Most work on contingency, charging no upfront fees but collecting 30-40% from your final settlement or award amount. Initial consultations are free.

Q: What if I was partially at fault for causing the accident?

A: You can still recover damages under comparative negligence laws, just reduced by your percentage of fault. An attorney strengthens your position.

Q: Can lawyers help if I was hit by an uninsured driver?

A: Yes. Lawyers can pursue claims against your own uninsured motorist coverage, file suits directly against drivers, and explore other options.

Q: When should I hire a lawyer after my motorcycle crash?

A: Immediately! Early lawyer involvement maximizes evidence collection from the scene and builds leverage before insurance company negotiations. Don’t delay.

Q: How long will my motorcycle injury case take?

A: Typically several months to several years depending on complexity, need to litigate, accumulation of medical evidence, and factors prolonging the claims process.

In Summary

A motorcycle crash can change your life in an instant. But the right legal representation levels the playing field in the aftermath of an accident not your fault. An experienced motorcycle injury lawyer protects your rights every mile of the claims process so you receive maximum compensation. Trust an attorney who treats bikers like family, not just clients. Then you can focus energy on physical recovery rather than fighting insurance battles alone. With the best lawyer in your corner, justice rides off into the sunset.

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